Sometimes to many things come at us at once, which makes it a struggle to get through the day. This is were counselling fits in. Making the move to have counselling and sticking to it takes real courage, but you will always be treated as a person and not a problem here.  

I offer one to one, open ended sessions, which are an hour in length.

You will be encouraged to talk about your thoughts, feelings and emotions and I will support you without judgement and without criticising. I will help you to gain a better understanding of your thought processes and help you find your own solutions to any worries you feel you may have.

My role in our partnership is to track were you are going, not lead you in any particular direction. I wont usually give advice or tell you what to do but together we will come up with a more positive way forward.
What you will talk about will vary depending on what you feel you want help with. This may include but is not limited to. 

Your emotions 
Your thoughts 
Your feelings 

Any situation you may feel you have difficulty with. 

Together we will create a safe space in which you will be able to explore your  feelings without fear of judgement.